Ayurveda Kalari Treatments

All the medicaments are prepared out of herbs hand picked from the plant kingdom.


At CVN Ayurveda Kalari we have an exclusive section for Ayurvedic Treatment. All the medicaments are prepared out of herbs hand picked from the plant kingdom. The preparation process is purely manual adopting traditional and indigenous technology. For heat transfer we use fire- wood. The herbal combinations differ from patient to patient.

To ensure the efficacy and safety of our treatments, we follow strict quality control measures throughout the process. This includes meticulous herb identification, proper storage to preserve potency, and adhering to traditional preparation methods. Dr. EP Shaji son of EP Vasudeva Gurukkal is highly trained in these techniques and possess a deep understanding of herbal properties and interactions.

Mode of Treatment

As in general Ayurveda Science, first step is to cleans the internal organs to eliminate toxins. For this we use herbal water therapy which is easier and well effective. In demanding cases Panchakarma is also done. The next step is Simple yoga and Pranayama session to refresh the mind along with body. Along with this full body massage with high quality oil is also done. When the digestive system is in good condition, potion and other internal medicines are applied.

We mainly treats Back Pain, Arthritis, Life Style Diseases etc. We also do rejuvenation treatment to promote health.

On the hospitality side, our direct care and attention is offered to every patient without fail. But we limit the number of patients as 10 per day for the finest service. We also provide Bio- Organic Food.


With a focus on providing the highest quality care and achieving optimal results, Dr. Shaji Gurukkal limits the number of guests staying for treatment at one time to a maximum of four. This allows him to give each patient personalized attention.

Experience the transformative power of Ayurveda Treatments at CVN Kalari. Contact us today to schedule a consultation.