Kalari Rejuvenation

Enhance mind-strength, joy, physical capability, health, and flexibility of muscles.

Kalari Massage

Kalari Massage Therapy

Kalari Massage Therapy is originated in northern Kerala as a scientific system to strengthen a warrior physically and mentally in order to face any kind of difficulties. This massage with herbal oils is applied according to a person’s body structure and nerve points in order to enhance mind-strength, joy, physical capability, health and flexibility of muscles by stimulating nerves and nerve points with herbal oils.

This ancient system of Kalari Massage passed on through generations is still perfectly used in Dr. Shaji’s EPV CVN Kalari.

Kalari massage is practiced by the integration of nerve centers with six fundamental points on the body, five primary elements of the earth, thridoshas, anatomy and physiology of a person. Dr. Shaji Vasudevan Gurukkal very effectively developed this age old science to use it as a remedy for life-style diseases, body pain and liberation of self from confusion and mind disorder.

Kalari massage before any kind of Ayurveda or Kalari treatment enables the body to develop its self-reacting mechanism. By doing this massage therapy a person can eliminate many kinds of body pains and physical disorders. But things used in disease oriented Kalari massage, such as hot packs, herbal steam, internal medicines are different. Dr. Shaji Vasudevan Gurukkal’s Kalari Massage combined with Panchakarma (a comprehensive purification and detoxification process aims to eliminate accumulated toxins and restore balance to the body’s three Doshas), toxin eliminating herbal water, organic vegetarian food, meditation and easy Yoga can remove the disease with or without any Ayurvedic medicines.

Because of the prohibition of Ayurvedic medicines in Europe, many a therapists from there come for Dr. Shaji Gurukkal’s Kalari Massage therapy to use it for the cure of body pains and diseases without taking any medicines. Kalari Massage combined with Yoga is a very effective treatment for relaxation therapy as well.


With a focus on providing the highest quality care and achieving optimal results, Dr. Shaji Gurukkal limits the number of guests staying for treatment at one time to a maximum of four. This allows him to give each patient personalized attention.

Experience the transformative power of Kalari Rejuvenation at CVN Kalari. Contact us today to schedule a consultation.